Clare Barton-Harvey  aka Amitajyoti                 artist

about the work


Drawing and painting for me is akin to meditation; a ‘way of being’, study and exploration of processes of creative transformation (and illumination).


I begin each painting with a clear feeling and a sense of the particular energy for that painting. Through meditation and contemplation I deepen my awareness of that which allows the feeling/vision of the painting to become more apparent and alive to me and in me. Through the act of painting, I express this as simply and directly as possible. I am influenced by calligraphy with respect to the embodied mark/gesture, and colour, rhythm and light (or absence of it e.g. The Black Paintings) are also key considerations. The paintings develop over a series of weeks or months with many layers of transparent glaze in order to create rich surface texture, moderated tonal relationships and a quality of vibration.


I draw inspiration from modern scientific research into the nature of matter and consciousness as well as ancient Buddhist philosophy. The impact of these sciences upon notions of human potential and human behaviour/social responsibility are equally inspiring to me. My work is based on the view that if one enters deeply enough into experience, then one finds universal or common ground. It is this that gives meaning to the work.