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I now offer 1-1 mentoring which can provide a more tailored approach to developing your creative practice. I offer monthly tutorials or 2-3 hour workshop-style sessions. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to explore this.


Intro one day workshop - Experience Drawing and the art of mindfulness

Explore how the practice of mindfulness can enhance drawing and bring greater clarity of perception, energy and enrichment to it. Inspire your interest in the subject or access new ways of approaching your drawing.

Venue: City Lit, London

Date: 20/9/18

Time: 10-5pm

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Drawing and the art of mindfulness

An opportunity to explore the beauty and simplicity of the ancient practice of mindfulness in the context of drawing. Explore how the two disciplines complement each other, leading to greater clarity of perception, aliveness and appreciation. A practical drawing course, from observation

Venue: City Lit, London

Dates: 6 Thursdays 8/11/18 - 13/12/18

Time: 2-5pm

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