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Imagination and Creative Vision -A drawing and Painting Course, North London

An exploration of the richness of creative imagination and vision.
During the course, we will look at the value and significance of the creative imagination with reference to art, creative practice and our interior/ imaginative life. Students will learn a variety of skills in accessing imagination and identifying images/ symbols relevant to them. The course will give students an opportunity to follow their own threads and inspiration and develop their own ‘inner guidance’ alongside skilled guidance by the tutor. This course is suitable for experienced painters who wish to develop their skills in this area of study as well as enthusiastic beginners to painting and/or working with the imagination

Course dates:

11th May, 1st June, 15th June, 6th July

Cost:£160 (4 days). All materials provided.

To book a place or make an enquiry contact: 07717 573315,  

Drawing and the art of mindfulness, CITY LIT, London

An opportunity to explore the beauty and simplicity of the ancient practice of mindfulness in the context of drawing. Explore how the two disciplines complement each other, leading to greater clarity of perception, aliveness and appreciation. A practical drawing course, from observation.

Course Dates: 3 Mondays. 9 April, 16th april & 23 April           

Time: 10-5pm

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