Clare Barton-Harvey                                  artist

Commissioning a painting How it works

Contact  me

We discuss what you have in mind
This is where the vision of your image comes to life through our dialogue and I begin to translate what you have in mind into the language of paint. It’s not necessary to have a  clear or complete idea before we meet, our discussion will help to clarify that for you.

I begin your painting & we stay in touch as needed
You can leave the development of the painting to me on the basis of our initial discussions or you can visit to see the work in progress and/or stay in touch by email, in order to give feedback and to see/participate in its progress.

I complete the work and invite you to see it
You view the work and if it looks good to you then you can take it home or we arrange delivery (depending on size). If  soemthings not right to you then we discuss changes that I can make.

I make any changes and you receive your painting when you are wholly satisfied with it



The process of creating a frame and stretching a canvas!

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